Cream horns

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You will get cream horns on every fair, fancy fair in Austria, in all sizes and taste, with icing sugar, dipped in chocolate or chocolate and coconut flakes.

My cousin sister started making cream horns, since then I can’t remember any party without them. Just the right size. Delicious!!

Once you start eating them, you can’t stop…

All you need is roll forms, puff pastry and cream. This recipe is from my sister! Thanks sis! ?

Cream Horns
Gericht: Dessert
Länder & Regionen: Austria
Portionen: 50 Pieces (small sizes)
  • 2 packet puff pastry
For the cream
  • 3 egg white
  • 50 g sugar
  • 75 ml water
  • 190 g sugar
For topping
  • white or dark chocolate
  • coconut flakes
  • icing sugar
  1. Wrap the forms in baking paper or oil them.

  2. Cut puff pastry in 1 to 1,5 cm stripes. Wrap around the forms to form a horn ( overlap slightly).

  3. Bake in preheated oven for about 15 min at 220° C.

  4. Leave to cool down for 2 minutes and remove carefully from forms.

  5. Optional dip horns in melted chocolate and in coconut flakes.

  6. Cream:

    Whipp egg white with 50 g sugar until it is stiff.

    Boil 75 ml water with the 190 g sugar. Counting 3 minutes starting from boiling point.

  7. Pour syrup slowly in meringue whilst stirring.

    Add vanilla sugar.

  8. Fill warm cream in piping bag and fill in horns.

  9. Originally cream horns are simply covered with icing sugar. 

Enjoy baking!
Maggi & Family

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