Chocolate Kipferl

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The baking of christmas cookies and biscuits in the Advent season is a tradition. So to say pre-christmas attunement, with christmas carols in the background mixed with the scent of typical christmas spices. New is this Chocolate Kipferl.

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Walnut Apple Cake

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I wanted to bake a walnut cake, before our tratitional chrismas cookie baking challange starts 🙂 .

I added apples to make it more moist and tasty.

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We are going through a so called golden October. Cold in the morning, sunshine and blue sky during the day. A weather for Buchteln.


A typical austrian type of bun. Ovenbaked yeast dumplings filled with jam.

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Mango Kutcha

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This  is a fruity, spicy, slightly hot speciality from Mauritius. Delicious!

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Garlic-Ginger Paste

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We prepare our own garlic-ginger paste and store in the fridge for our daily use very practical.

Peel and garlic and ginger in equally amount. Put in blender.

Add salt and some oil and mix.

If it doesn’t mix properly, add more oil.

Put in a jar and store in fridge.

If not used too often, cover top of paste with oil.


Maggi & Familie