Cinnamon Roll Apple Cake

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This time I thought of an apple cake that is a little different. I wanted to use a yeast dough and I came up with cinnamon rolls as the base.

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Pumpkin Chocolate Babka

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Autumn is already in full swing. The pumpkins are heaped on the roadside for sale, chestnuts are falling from the trees and the leaves are changing color.
And that’s where this Pumpkin Chocolate Babka fits in perfectly!

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Best Apple Pie

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It is now time to go English, the American art.
I have baked this Apple Pie really often now, it is just delicious and so juicy.

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Plum Sorbet

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For me, plums anounces the fall. When you have fresh plums, they have to be used quickly.

So I made a Plum Sorbet.
A sorbet is usually poured over with sparkling wine and eaten before the main course in a menu. The mixture of plums with sparkling wine is said to
stimulate digestion and reduce the feeling of satiety.

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